Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Social Media - a professional journey of discovery and reflection

Just a few short months ago I viewed social media as a tool to be used simply to connect with family and friends. At best I was a infrequent Facebook user who had yet to see the value of tools such as Blogging, Twitter or Skype and had never even heard of Edmondo, Google Plus or Google Hangouts. I guess you could say I was still "old school".
My most recent professional development journey has provided me with the confidence to explore new technology and opened my eyes and my mind to the value of social media both as a professional learning tool, connecting me to global educators and expanding my professional network. Using social media as an meaningful instructional tool as well as providing a variety of opportunities for students to authentically connect, share, create, demonstrate etc., their thinking seems invaluable for my future practice. This journey of professional learning and discovery will continue as the world of technology is every changing. I am looking forward to the new teaching and learning experiences that will continue to develop in my future practice.

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