Sunday, 10 November 2013

Intriguing uses of Audio in the Classroom!

After reading several articles, postings, tweets and even "listening" to several podcasts I realize incorporating audio into classroom routines provides a variety of teaching and learning opportunities beyond the "listening centre" with the giant headphones and the books on tape that I grew up with. There are many examples out there but I stumbled on a few ideas that caught my attention for my own future practice. AUDIO BOO Many call this Edmondo app the Youtube of Audio. Audioboo allow both students and teachers within an Edmondo Group to share audio files. Users also have the opportunity to search a variety of audio clips from trusted sources such as CNBC, BBC etc. Classes can created Podcasts called "Boos" to share within their own groups. Students can "show what they know" in a different format, auditory learners can share their ideas orally without the limitations of text. Teachers could use this tool to attach audio recordings of assignment instructions. Students could share poems during a poetry unit hearing emotional cues either written by their peers or pre-recorded poems accessed from libraries. There are also sites that you can download free audio books and poems such as POETSCOOP and LIBRIVOX. I loved the idea of downloading speeches from famous historical figures and playing "guess who" in the classroom or simply using them as a discussion starting point. USING MUSIC AS A TIMER - I have often used music to in my classroom with a stimulation or calming effect. I.e. faster music during math activities, classical music during some art and language activities. There are a variety of ways to incorporate the music in your classroom. I found a site called CLASS TOOLS A really great reference site for a variety of digital tools but I particularly liked the timer tool and the ability to attach your own soundtrack to the visual countdown. VOICE CANDY Voice Candy works on a Mac. It is a voice manipulation system. Essentially, Photobooth for microphones which changes the pitch and speed of your voice. Students and teachers can use this for dramatic effect, recreation of creative writings, historical representations in podcasts or performances. SOUNDFXNOW - I really could have used this site for my Halloween presentations! Really interesting effects, perhaps even giving students ideas of creating their own. Great to embedd in audio and video presentations or attach to text or photos.

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