Sunday, 27 October 2013

More tools to use in the classroom....

SKYPE - I have mentioned this tool in previous posts however the more I read the more I think it's potential is underestimated. The idea of connecting classrooms around the globe has always intrigued me. Back in the old days when I was in school we had class pen pals from around the world. I remember the excitement of getting those letters and artifacts from students in China or South America and realizing how similar we really were. Skype in effect provides that same global connection opportunities just in real time. Collaborative projects, data collection, research materials and even math games such as the "Mystery Number" game I referred to in a previous post. SOCRATIVE - Socrative is a free student response system. It appears to be very highly rated by global educators. It offers a variety of assessment tools from multiple choice quizzes, short answer responses and exit tickets (i.e. today I learned..tomorrow I need). Activities can be completed and responses/questions submitted collaboratively, individually and even anonymously. Teachers can add images such as graphs or pictures for feedback or answers to questions. Student reports are provided to teachers in an Excel file or Google spreadsheet. A way to enhance classroom management, assessment and personalization. CLASS DOJO - is a Behavioural Management Software. In reading reviews and articles it seems that many educators have replaced notations in their Google Docs for this free software. This software runs on stand alone and mobile devices which some might view as a con as opposed to paper and pencil recording which is readily available in every classroom. The Class Dojo "captures and generates data on behaviour that teachers can share with parents and administrators". This software provides instant feedback to students via their own devices, tablets or through interactive whiteboards. Students are able to instantly recognize the correct choices they have made. Class Dojo also provides the opportunity for teachers to provide support and encouragement to reinforce a student's understanding of skills and behaviours that are needed to be successful.


  1. Thanks for sharing these tools! There are so many to choose from. I wonder what made you focus on these three, very different and yet very innovative online/web 2.0 tools?
    While I've used a smartboard for years, I've never used Socrative, but I can see why it is needed. The Class Dojo is something that I've read about and never been convinced, however, just last week I saw a teacher present how he is using this tool and was quite impressed.

  2. Hi Zoe
    Thanks for your feedback about chunking and visuals, great advice for future posts! I chose these three simply because of the numerous posting and feedback and I have read through my PLN. The class Dojo seems to be written about every day! Socrative seems interesting but I might have to wait until another LTO with a bit older students to utilize fully. SKYPE seems to offer endless possibilities with very little tutorial work for those "new" to technology. I love the idea of global collaborative projects and I think students at any age would benefit!