Monday, 7 October 2013

Are we prepared to be 21st Century Teachers?

After reading through a number of blog posts I came across one that really spoke to me directly. "How can 20th Century Teachers Lead 21st Century Learners". Great can we? What does that look like in the classroom as well as within our own school community? As a "mature" teacher who took "typing" in high-school and did my first paper on a black screen with orange text I have to ask myself that question. Do I and my fellow colleagues have the skills necessary to teach these students in the way they deserve? We are ethically bound to care for these students with a "commitment to student well being and learning through a positive influence, professional judgement and empathy of practice". Our Ongoing Professional Learning Standard reminds us that "ongoing professional learning is integral to effective practice and student learning". This blog post outlines the skills needed to be a 21st Century Learner. Skills that as educators we must know and practice within our own professional learning. Skills such as: • critical thinking, collaboration, analysing, organizing and evaluating digital information and life skills to support success in future careers such as: • flexibility, self directed learning, collaborative communication and accountability "While our goals as educators should be to enhance these characteristics in our students we must first lead by example and demonstrate our own commitment to becoming life-long learners". Either reading, finding a mentor or taking additional courses in the authentic integration of technology, as teachers we must "lead by example" and continue to be life-long learners. Although technology seems to be changing everyday the skills that we and students need to be able successful in this digital world remain constant.

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