Sunday, 27 October 2013

Educational Software and Media - Can we use it in our classroom?

As many of us are expanding our PLN outside of our own board to include global sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus etc., we are learning more and more about various tools and resources that are being used in classrooms around the world. After the initial reaction of “I can’t wait to use that in my classroom”, the question becomes do I have access to that software or tool. As a new teacher, I am learning where to find the answers to my plethora of questions! With respect to software I navigated through my Board’s Virtual Library . Under “Professional Resources” I found the link to Learn Ontario and then the Ontario Educational Software Service (OESS) link . This service provides a full listing of approved software, CD-ROM’s and DVD’s in alphabetical order. It even provides a tutorial and access and authentication information. i.e. when I clicked on Fotobabble it gave a description of how this software allows students/teachers to record commentary to web photos for projects that require short explanations. To save time you can add qualifiers to your search such as: intended audience, Ontario curriculum links, subject, operating systems etc. New software can be submitted to the Ontario Software Acquisition Program Advisory Committee . Newly approved software and tutorials can also be found on this site.


  1. Just a little investigation and BANG...look how much information and resource are available!
    Thanks for sharing this Sherrie. I wonder, is there an opportunity in your role to share this with your own colleagues/networks?

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